Yallah whistle

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I had some Stainless Steel Whistles left over from a commission.

To me, the sound of a whistle means C'mon! Let's Go! 

In Arabic, the word for that is "Yallah!"  That word is repeated about 50 dozen times in my household. No wonder that was the first thing that popped into my mind to engrave on these extra whistles!

Now, My husband did take issue with the spelling.  We have often spelled it "Yullah"...but more and more, I see relatives spelling it with an "a", so I went for that version.  The American phonetic spelling of other languages leaves a lot of room for interpretation.  

Do you speak Arabic?  How do you spell it in English, if ever?

What is "C'mon, hurry up! Let's go!"  in your language?

I currently have 2 available.  If folks actually buy these, I'll start making them on a regular basis :) !