Engraving: Name & Date

Regular price $30.00

Most metal crowns can accommodate an interior engraving (If you're unsure if the crown set you're interested in can have an interior engraving, just email me with your question).

This listing is for a Name + Date engraving.  $30/for the set of crowns.  Eihter English or Greek.  Other languages may have an up-charge.  Please email me the names and wedding date, and your desired font.  

I typically switch the order of the names around for the bride's and groom's crown, to add to the personification.  This is my usual format:

Groom's crown: Groom's Name & Bride's Name  ~ Date
Bride's crown:  Bride's Name & Groom's Name  ~  Date

If you would like a different format, please just include that in your email!

If you would like for your engraving to be more than just your name and date, you need to go back and select "Engraving-Custom".