Travel, Side projects, Laser Progress

Posted by Ann Clough on

Morning! Josh has been in Texas all week, so it's been a bit more chaotic than usual. Not too bad...Working from home, I'm usually the one doing the kid and errand running...and food and house stuff. But when he is away, there's just not as much quiet time (for me) from our chatty cutie pies. His traveling for work isn't a new thing, we're used to the routine of it all--well, as used to it as you can get. He gets home really late tonight-The kids are super excited that he'll be here in the morning.

Anyway, it's still been business as usual around here. Some things from the last few days. I've made a lot more progress on the experimental silver set. Look at all that dust from polishing and grinding! Metalsmithing is a very dirty, dusty job.  Yes, I wear a respirator when doing this kind of work.


Also, I'm working on a custom order: A set of 7 friends want matching bracelets featuring an old-fashioned pull-tab. Details have just been finalized--it'll be fun to see all 7 bracelets side by side. Should be done next week.


Another fun side-project from earlier this week: name badges for Arrow of Light plaques for a local Cub scout, turned Boy Scout troop.  That's my CNC -not the laser :)

And...drum roll....I just received my Laser Control-Stack back from the company last night. We'll see how installation goes this morning....