Summer Time!

Posted by Ann Clough on

Summer Time is here!  The kids are enjoying the break from school, and I am thoroughly enjoying the warm weather and Sun.  So far, the kids have been really awesome about being patient with my work and schedule the last several days.  We find ways to intersperse outside play time with Mommy coming back inside to work...but this does bring up a scheduling note.  Josh and I are sitting down right now going over Summer Schedules.  He and I both need a break from work. For break is really that I need time to get some new items (lasered items) officially up and going.  I simply don't have the time to start a new line of things while also filling orders. 

I really need to pause the everyday work, so I can do the new stuff and get that listed on the site so it becomes part of the routine.   As of right now,  Saturday June 29th through Sunday July 14th, I am going to claim those as my vacation time.  NOTHING WILL SHIP DURING THAT TIME PERIOD.

I will still answer emails, as I can.  But I really need to be able to focus and get some business things in order.  

I apologize for any inconvenience. I really do.  You have a month before this happens.  And you have me for the entire rest of the year. Thank you for understanding!! Ann