New sets!

Posted by Ann Clough on

Good Morning! 

It's been a very busy few weeks around here--it's so wonderful to hear from some many couples!    FYI, I'm about maxed out on what I can get out the door this week.  For any other incoming orders, please just assume they will ship next week.   

I also have several new designs that I will be getting posted soon.

I'm trying to stay focused on work, but this week(end) is a big one.  I am the director for our Church School--and Saturday we are having a Vacation Church School running all day.  Then Sunday is our Church School recognition day.  Also, my son just joined a swim team, so we're all (i.e. Me)  gooey-eyed over how cute he is in his "Jammers" . :)  But there's a learning curve for the parents with all the ins and outs...oof!  So I'm headed out to finish getting supplies for VCS, and pick up some more swim supplies for Arie.  Then It's back to the basement to keep working on some crowns and Trays to get shipped out ASAP!  All good stuff. 

Oh.  except for the Cicadas.  Lots of of those 17 year Periodical Cicadas in our neighborhood (heavily wooded).  Yes, very awesome in their lifecycle and such.  But.  just.  really. Gross.  The shells are on EVERYTHING.  They're just like great big flying bumper cars.  ick.   The males sound like what you would imagine for  UFO. The Females make that typical clicking chirping sounds of late-summer annual cicadas.  Those males are something else.