July/Aug update

Posted by Ann Clough on

Hello All.  So there was a post that I did last month, that I thought got posted...but turns out it was still "hidden" !  i was still on bee-sting meds during that, so I'll blame it on that :)

Anyway, I'm chugging along here just fine.  Just enough business to keep things going.  I'm thankful. 

I wanted to update you all, as my kids (2nd and 4th grade this year!!!) will be doing Virtual School.  As such, a lot of my day is soon going to be devoted to teaching again.  So please allow for a slightly slower turn-around time.  I would like to ask about 5 business days to get any order our the door.  I appreciate your understanding. 

I'm fully recovered from the Bee sting.  Thank God.

This weekend, as Sunday School Director for St. Georgia, Indy, We are preparing to say farewell to our Fr. Nabil of 25 years.  We will be welcoming Fr. Anthony Yazge.  The past 14 years, Fr. Anthony was the director of the Antiochian Village, and I know many of you know him.  Before AV, he was the priest at St. George in Terre Haute.  My childhood church.  I don't remember how old I was when Fr. Anthony came to us...maybe 6?  He was my priest all the way up to and including marrying Josh, and moving to Maryland, back in 2004.  

My mom was the Sunday School Director for some of the time that Fr. Anthony was in Terre Haute.  I can't help but chuckle at being the director here in Indy...now with Fr. Anthony. History repeating itself.

I pray you are well.  Much love to you all.