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I AM here!

Before I forget, Instagram.  I'm on there.  OrthodoxWeddingCrowns 

In other news: Spring Break came and went.  The kids were awesome Hikers.  A week of work and volunteer catch-up happened.  Then a Sick Kid.  Then more Catch-up.  The out of town for part of a weekend, followed by an intense Sunday of First Confession for Arthur and sponsoring the banquet that followed. 

That was then immediately followed by being assigned as Juror #1 to a Criminal Case this past Monday.  I've done Jury duty before.  But this case....it was intense.  And very, very long hours Monday and Tuesday,  But we're done now.  I didn't get home until 10:30 last night.  :( I took a nap earlier today.  and I am trying to get back into the work groove. 

Things settle down after Pascha, right? 

In the meantime, I have some awesome crowns to make!  Pix soon :)   

Until then, please be wow'ed by the Forest Glen Logo I am lasering onto some beer chalices for an upcoming Adults Trivia Night our school is putting on (To which I will not be attending because it's on our Good Friday!)


Do you like my super-fancy homemade play-doh and roll of tape balancing/brace system I'm using for positioning the glasses?  And yes, I have taken the bottom out of my laser to do this. And have it braced with 2x4.  One day I will buy the fancy equipment.  Until this then, this works ;).


Oh, I also did these for my SnB group (Stich-n-Bitch).  We girls have been a group for a long time.  I was commemorating our 2 day Hiking/Camping trip to Turkey Run State Park this past weekend.  (This was my out-of-of town for half the weekend adventure I mentioned earlier.)