Good news, general updates

Posted by Ann Clough on

So awesome news: I Fixed the laser over the weekend. While sitting in Church yesterday, it suddenly occurred to me what needed to be done. It made me laugh a bit, and then I had to say a little "Thank You." Josh (my husband) looked at me like I was Nuts. My Daughter, Georgia laughed at me. Arthur (7yrs) is an Altar Boy....Usually I'm just laughing and smiling at him (My goodness, he's precious up there). For once I wasn't staring at him!
All of that to say I have BOTH a working Laser AND CNC. WOOOOO!
item #2) I have a bunch of video and pictures to share on crown making. Surprisingly, those kinds of posts take me a long time to put together. So you're going to have to wait. Sorry. 
Item #3) Spring Break starts this Friday...and then all next week. We're staying in town. I'll still be working. I just might be a week bit pokey. We're staying in/around Indy, but visiting some State parks. The kids can walk forever if it's on a wooded path. We'll be home each day, and I will (should be able to) Get orders out in decent time :).