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Christ Is Risen!

Well first, I haven't posted all of the fun jewelry i mentioned in that precious post.  A bit of apathy has set-in. I'll get there.

Secondly, Just letting you all know I'm still here.  Most of my time has been spent with the kids.  Orr trying to keep up with housework, while also sewing as many masks as possible (let me know if you need one.  email me your mailing address and how many you need!). Also I got an early start on the garden this year...seemed pertinent.... 

I've had a few orders here and there, and that has been a nice diversion, but overall, not surprisingly, things are quiet work-wise.  And I feel just fine with that.  Frankly, I don't feel like I have the head-space to give work a lot of thought right now. 

I feel very fortunate that, for all the stories we've been hearing about big corporations getting the PPP money, I was able to get some assistance in that first round of loan money.  I was very hesitant about whether or not I should apply.  Technically, I could be OK for a few months of no orders. 

But we also didn't want to take anything for granted with Josh's job (Aerospace Engineer....plane engines.  Not a lot of action there right now!).  Plus, what if it's a year or so before weddings really get going again.....  I have some monthly essential expenses that I have to keep paying to keep the business going.  And my paychecks are part of our household budget.....  

I've paid my fair share of taxes over the years, so I decided that since I was eligible, I should just apply and see what happens. 

Since moving to Indiana, (2007) I've done all my banking with Key bank.  They've been WONDERFUL to me.  I found the process to be easy (but my business finances are also very simple and straightforward).   I did make sure that I had everything ready to go, so that as soon as the applications opened-up, I could submit mine right away.   

I did.  and it was easy, and it was quickly approved by Key.  I will say that it took a while for the SBA to do their approval and issue the funds.  That was disappointing and at times stressful.  I received my funding last week.  It made me wonder how many businesses had to shutter their doors in the month it took for the process to be completed.  I am thankful I was able to squeak by.    

I'm not sure what will happen when my grant runs out.  The grant provides 2 months worth of funding.   I was able to get caught up on April's expenses.  By the end of May, weddings aren't going to suddenly start happening again...I wonder if I'll be able to extend/reapply for more funding?  We shall see.  

I have a few other product ideas--mostly silly things.  A few might sell.  But there is so much job loss right now--I actually feel bad at the idea of trying to peddle my goods right now.  E-commerce doesn't feel like a priority to me, right now.  I am so fortunate that Josh has a good job, so if my business does go belly-up...well, then I can really just focus on the home stuff guilt-free. And play with the kids even more.  They're 7 and 8--well Arie is almost 9 now (!!!!).  Such fun ages!!! So many bike rides and fairy-house building parties!!  For us, It's been easy to find the silver lining in all of this.

I'd much rather re-do the household budget and just close down if push-comes-to shove.   Josh is a human calculator.  I'll leave the number-smithing to him :) Something will work out--it always does--So I'm just going to keep on chugging along! 

We know of many who have had/currently do have COVID-19, and Josh has lost a great-aunt to COVID-19.  My mind is mostly just trying to anticipate what School is going to be like for the kids next year....and if I'll agree with the decisions made....   And there's also Sunday School (I'm the Director of our Church School (St. George Indy)).  I need to re-engage and figure some things out. 

I pray that you and your families are SANE, and healthy and finding a happy silver lining in all of this. Sorry to be so wordy in this....and to barely talk about fun crowns and stuff.  Like the title says--A different kind of Post :) Love to you all!