CNC hiccups

Posted by Ann Clough on

So now that the Laser is back up and running (I don't think I got that posted here.  Just on the OWC facebook.  sorry.  I'll try and be better about that.), that gave the cue to the CNC to start acting up.  Well, to its credit, it's not the CNC machine itself....It's the spindle.  The doohickey that holds the engraving bit.   Yesterday, I just happened to take some video of the CNC running smoothly.  It's engraving the "Peacock" design on aluminum. 

  Right after that video, though, the spindle seized up.   I oiled the spindle and hand turned it a bit, and it finally started running on its own again.

 So, the Spindle finally was running smoothly again...but then the CNC machine stopped "talking" to my computer.  The whole thing was a mess!  So i just shut it off and am letting it sleep for a bit.  I will try again in the morning.

In the meantime, I did get the Aluminum crowns finished. 

(Just out of the rolling mill and riveted closed)


(Double checking size and roundness)

Between the above mentioned hiccups, and some earlier problems with the depth not staying consistent, this set took several days for me to get shipped out.  Fortunately, my customer was very understanding and pleasant about the whole debacle.   Still, I felt really bad.  So I made her a set of Mini Aluminum Peacock crowns as a thank-you for her patience.