Blast from the Past!

Posted by Ann Clough on

I started in 2006.   A few weeks ago a customer from 2007/2008 contacted me to see about having some additional wedding dates added to the interior of their crown set:  Relatives had used the crown set and there is room on the interior of the crowns to help commemorate those dates.

The crowns arrived earlier this weekend, and it was just such a funny thing for me to get to see one of "my" crown sets from over a decade ago.  I must have made these back when Josh and I still lived in Maryland, as it's all cold-metal worked.  No soldered joints (I didn't start doing that until we were in a house, here in Indianapolis).    I didn't have my engraver yet, so the interior "engravings" were done with metal-stamping bits.

I no longer have this copper design available on the site, either--My supplier stopped carrying the proper Copper for this design stamping, and I couldn't get it anywhere else, either!