Back to Normal!

Posted by Ann Clough on

Hello All!  I'm back from my summer break, so to speak.  I ended up still fulfilling a few emergency orders, as I feel sick to my stomach if I know I can help in a situation, but don't.   I was glad that I did that, because, then, I heard from a customer because of a really ridiculous mistake I made on their crown set.  I felt Awful about that...but I was able to get it fixed in time.   

So, a  lot was learned these last 2 weeks.  A lot in my studio was cleaned up.  A lot of mental work and planning was done.  I got some actual physical work done, too--the stuff made that I've been wanting to make.  But of course, not nearly all of it.  I also didn't things posted on the site.  BUT, I do have a plan on getting it all done. 

Enter our awesome high School student who comes to our house/pool to do swim lessons with the kids.  Yeah.  she babysits.  And the kids love her to pieces.  So I've finally done it.  I've hired a babysitter.   Kids are happy.  I am happy. Babysitter is happy 'cause she's earning $, plus she's just an awesome young woman. 

So today I picked up where I promised some customers I would.  I've got some sets done for the day.  I have a couple of dozen photos to sort through to post on the site, and to email off to the company sell wholesale/drop ship for.  Pretty good start for my first day back!

My next break will be over the kid's Fall Break. October 19-26.