An ode to my Dremel Stylus:

Posted by Ann Clough on

Oh handy and super useful Dremel Stylus,
My brother bought you.
For me.
When you first arrived on the scene.
You served me well for 10 years. Then you quit.
I had a hard time finding you again.
No more of you were being made, please explain!
I should have bought many of you back then.
Alas. I did not.
Your replacement got me through these last 6 years
without trouble or tears.
But today. You died.
What am I to do?!
You are impossible to get.
You weren't a normal tool.
And I'm not a normal artist.
We went together like like tarnish on silver.
Now I have to use my traditional rotary tool.
Like all the other jewelers do.
Nothing else works like you.
I shall miss you dear friend.
My Dremel Stylus.