A Rainbow of Rings

Posted by Ann Clough on

Don't worry, I have a ring with a crown motif lined up....just want to get started with the basics:  Diamond rings.

Why not?!  

These stackable rings have been an off-and-on obsession with me over the past year.  I've posted a few of them here and there.  Making them has been a wonderful creative outlet during times of frustration.  Currently, I have to admit, I'm pretty interested in the diversity it offers to my product lines.   

While COVID-19 still threatens, weddings are down.  I want to keep going in my business.  I have options.  I will never stop making crowns.  But I can make other things too :). 

These rings are a great way to Engage differently!  Perfect for Bridesmaids.  Small Sizes (flower girls?!) also available.  

So, next are the crown rings.  After that....letters.  Your initials.  your wedding date.  Wear your love on your hand.  In a rainbow of colors.  Why not?!

Rings listed over on the Accessories Page. More listings will be added in the coming days.   All Colors available on my Etsy Site, too